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    Teléfono: 704.714.6500
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      Workers Compensation


      Assisting you to file the proper paperwork

      Workers injured on the job may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits from their employer’s insurance provider. The Law Offices of Fink & Hayes assist clients in preparing and filing the necessary papers.

      While your employer’s insurer will require you to be examined by their doctor, we employ a nurse to accompany you and ensure the exam is conducted appropriately and not as a formality. We also hire an independent medical doctor to review your condition and the examining doctor’s conclusions to determine if an adequate examination was performed. We accompany you through every phase of your workers’ compensation application and steadfastly protect your rights.

      Work-Related Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

      We represent clients in workers’ compensation cases involving the following kinds of work-related injuries:

      • Back injuries
      • Knee injuries
      • Slips and falls
      • Herniated discs
      • Torn rotator cuff
      • Head or neck injuries
      • Carpel tunnel syndrome
      • Work-related car injuries
      • Prepetitive stress syndrome
      • Burns, electrical shocks, abrasions

      When Injury Leads to Disability

      Sometimes an injury leads to disability, especially in neck and back injury cases. As your legal representatives we can refer your case to a disability lawyer who will help you file for Social Security Disability benefits. On our end, we will continue to work through your workers’ compensation application and prepare your appeal as necessary. Our office will undertake whatever measures are necessary to make sure you have the assistance you need while your disability application is being completed.

      Knowing What to Look For

      One of our attorneys is a former Teamster’s union member, bringing a unique perspective to workplace accidents and issues. Understanding that employers sometimes cut corners to save time and money, we identify workplace conditions that contribute to accidents. Whether it’s ignoring OSHA regulations, denying employee breaks, or neglecting to properly maintain machinery, we expose dangers and hazards that injure our clients.

      Your rights under your collective bargaining agreement may be affected by your workers’ compensation claim. We have successfully litigated cases against large employers on behalf of union employees including General Motors, US Airways, United Parcel Service, Yellow Freight, Uniroyal Tire Co, and USF Holland.

      Not Sure Where to Start? Give Us a Call Today

      If you are unsure of what steps to take, contact the Law Offices of Fink & Hayes today and schedule a free consultation. We will help expedite the process and make sure your rights are protected.

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        • Wrongful Death
        • Auto Accidents
        • Truck Accidents
        • Workplace Injuries
        • Workers Compensation
        • Catastrophic Injuries
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        What Our Clients Say

        I have known Andy Fink for more than twenty years. He is a true professional - always thorough and works hard to get the best possible result. He has helped me and members for my family in the past, and we highly recommend his firm.

        What Our Clients Say

        I met Andy 28 years ago. He is the same today as he was then. He is an experienced attorney who can ease your mind. Your recovery is his priority! If you need legal services, call my friend, Andy Fink!

        What Our Clients Say

        Andy Fink’s expertise in the field of personal injury law has superseded his humble façade. Besides having a high degree of integrity and a cheerful personality, he is one of those rare individuals who can both take initiative and deliver results.

        What Our Clients Say

        I think of Steve Hayes and the law offices of Fink & Hayes as family. I believe they genuinely care about their clients. This is the only law firm I would use if I were involved in a personal injury accident. They are the best!

        What Our Clients Say

        I have known Steve Hayes for several years on both a personal and professional basis. Steve is an attorney with the highest measure of ethics and integrity. I have always been pleased with the outcome anytime I have needed the services of Fink & Hayes. I have and will continue to refer Fink & Hayes to any family or friend.

        What Our Clients Say

        Steve Hayes is an excellent lawyer. He always took the time throughout my case to explain and answer any questions throughout the process. I would recommend the services of Steve Hayes to anyone who has a personal injury claim.

        Have a question? Get a free consultation.

        Attorney & Advocate in Litigation Cases

        We help maximize your settlement and protect your rights.


        • Wrongful death
        • Catastrophic Injuries
        • Loss of Sight or Hearing
        • Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
        • Severe Burns or Disfigurement
        • Loss of Limb / Soft Tissue Injuries


        • Speeding
        • Load Shift
        • Driver Fatigue
        • Improperly Trained Driver
        • Driving on Tread Thin Tires
        • Hauling an Overweight Load


        • Back Injuries
        • Knee Injuries
        • Slips and Falls
        • Herniated Discs
        • Torn Rotator Cuff
        • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome


        • Amputations
        • Severe Burns
        • Disfigurement
        • Auto Accidents
        • Loss of Mental Capacity
        • Head and Spinal Cord Injuries


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