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Truck Accidents

Tractor-trailer accidents often involve serious injuries and fatalities due to the sheer size, weight and force of impact of a truck. The Law Offices of Fink & Hayes aggressively pursue financial compensation for severely injured truck accident victims facing the expensive consequences of long-term medical care. disability and lost earnings. We gather evidence, review a driver’s driving log. look at the contents of the truck’s on-board black box, and expose careless, negligent actions that caused our client’s injuries.

Negligence That Can Lead to a Truck Accident

Andy Fink and Steve Hayes represent clients in truck accident cases involving the following kinds of actionable negligence:

  • Load shift
  • Speeding
  • Driver fatigue
  • Improperly trained driver
  • Driving on tread thin tires
  • Hauling an overweight load
  • Use of stimulants or drugs by the driver
  • Driving in excess of allowed daily hour limits

Holding Truckers and Trucking Companies Accountable

Trucking companies teach drivers what to say and what not to say if they get into an accident. Hoping to reduce their liability. they often resort to tactics that are meant to point blame in the direction of the other driver. We are familiar with these type of tactics. Rather than rely on the statements of the truck driver involved. we investigate the driver’s log, driving record and drug test results. as well as the maintenance record of the vehicle.

We also work with accident reconstructionists. investigators, skid mark analysts and trucking experts in explaining how the truck driver caused the accident and how it could have been avoided through proper action.

When Lives are Changed Forever by Negligence

We have the investigative and legal resources to go after truck drivers who cause a serious semi-truck crash that injures others. For more information regarding our practice and to schedule a free consultation, contact Fink & Hayes.

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